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Brock Narciso - 2023 Project Missouri

With tenacity and an incredible motor, Narciso proved himself once again by making a variety of plays in between the lines. The Kansas City native's versatility makes him a can't miss prospect for programs who need a guy that can get up and down the field.

Luke Ray - 2023 Resolute Lacrosse

Ray was able to effectively start the offense by creating his own shot or setting up teammates. He uses his athleticism and quickness on the wings to get the middle of the field and create opportunities between the lines.

Sean Mullan - 2023 East Ave / Team Illinois

To accompany his 6’3” and 185 pound frame, Mullan has a dynamic combination of slick hands and a smooth stride. Sean consistently uses his physical prowess to beat his defender and make his presence known on the ride.

John Odle - 2024 No Excuse

Odle is an extremely athletic midfielder with the IQ and dodging ability of an attackman. His propensity to dominate on both ends of the field makes him a natural leader.

Ethan Conto - 2024 Alpha

Conto's speed and shakes at the midfield are a tough matchup for defenders, and his shooting on the run requires teams to slide early and often. His skillset and consistency have taken a step forward.

Troy Teff - 2025 Alpha

Teff is an up-and-comer with Division I traits; finesse, aggressive dodging, easy speed, and a powerful outside shot. His game is poised to grow.

Marty Junkins - 2025 East Ave / Team Illinois

Marty is an impressive shooter with a strong lefty shot that blows by opposing goalies. He has an aptitude for turning the corner and uses his quick trigger to get his shot off before the slide.

DJ Wojciechowski - 2025 Resolute Lacrosse

A great downhill dodger from up top with the ability to beat his man, DJ can get his hands free for good shooting opportunities. He is a reliable middie that can play both ends of the field and makes the players around him better.

Charlie Woodock - 2025 Minnesota Loons

Charlie is a strong downhill dodger who drives hard to the net. He proved his toughness throughout the weekend by using his brawn to find the back of the net frequently.

Bentley Miller - 2025 No Excuse

Miller is a spectacular downhill dodger with the ability to dominate the midfield. His step down and on the run shot is exceptionally powerful.




Noah Berger - 2022 Minnesota Loons

The big lefty dominates the game by demonstrating his strength. Berger dodges physically and is not afraid to run past or through the slide, resulting in consistently finding the back of the net.

Jack Conroy - 2023 East Ave / Team Illinois

Jack efficiently dodges with determination. Conroy has a knack for finding the right feed and can finish with a quick and accurate release.

Devin Mueller - 2024 Minnesota Loons

Mueller is a long lefty attackman standing at just over 6’0” tall. He often uses his strength to dominate his defender on the dodge or deliver a powerful step down shot.  

Nate Baker - 2024 Resolute Lacrosse

The first thing you notice about Baker is his explosive speed, which allows him to get his hands free often. Along with a quick and dynamic first step, Nate is relentless on the ride.

James Grosspietsch - 2024 Alpha

Grosspietsch broke out this weekend, pacing the Alpha offense and nailing physical goals. First-step quickness and powerful redodges created scoring chances from X, on the wings and down the alleys.  

Andrew Abington - 2024 No Excuse

His great first step and capability to create separation make Abington a dangerous and slippery dodger. Andrew’s ability to feed, finish, and cause chaos on the ride make him a tremendous all-around attackman.

Blake Rieger - 2024 Alpha

With great vision, quick feet, and a powerful outside shot, Blake can create from any spot on the field.  Blake was also very effective coming out of the box as an offensive midfielder.

Eli Natorp - 2025 Resolute Lacrosse

Eli is a smart attackman taking control of the offense when he’s on the field. His ability to beat his man and shoot or feed continues to open up great looks for the offense.

Tucker Davis - 2025 No Excuse

Tucker is a strong lefty attackman with a great shot from the wing and the ability to draw a slide. Davis uses his very high lacrosse IQ to move extremely well off ball to find scoring opportunities.

Sam Guercio - 2025 East Ave / Team Illinois

Guercio uses his quick first step to regularly get to the island. Once there, Sam remains poised and continually proves to be effective by finding an open man or using his slick hands to get a shot on cage.




Matt Everson - 2022 Minnesota Loons

Everson is a relentless cover form anywhere on the field. He is comfortable keeping his stick very active and has elite clearing ability.

Mitch Maibuecher - 2023 East Ave / Team Illinois

Mitch is a tenacious LSM/SSDM who consistently sparks transition. Mitch regularly causes turnovers and creates tremendous separation on his dodges, making him the ultimate Swiss Army Knife midfielder.

Andrew Powell - 2023 L4 Lacrosse

Powell is an intelligent defenseman who strategically times his checks to create turnovers, sometimes in highlight reel fashion. He is slick off the ground and has the stick skills to generate opportunities in transition.

Braden Wakefield - 2024 Resolute Lacrosse

Wakefield is a tireless worker who plays hard nose defense with a short stick and gives relentless effort on the clear and ride. Additionally, ground balls seem to almost always find their way into his stick, which makes Braden especially valuable on the field.

Cooper Simpson - 2024 Resolute Lacrosse

Simpson’s impressive footwork emulates that of a Division I defenseman, making it easier for him to throw precise take-away checks. Cooper is a leader and can change the momentum of a game by creating turnovers and pushing transition.

Sean Arundel - 2024 East Ave / Team Illinois

At 6'3, 190 lbs, Sean is consistently able to physically dominate his matchup, which he does with the tenacity of a junkyard dog.  When off ball, Sean communicates well and slides violently.  

Henry Oliver - 2025 Project Missouri

Oliver is a great communicator and a physical presence who excels at getting the ball off the ground and out quickly. Also a contributor on MICDS's varsity football team as a freshman, college coaches will take note when they see Oliver's aggressiveness both on ball and off ball.

Nathan Smith - 2025 Resolute Lacrosse

Smith is an expert at using his tall and rangy frame to close the gap quickly for an aggressive approach. His combative yet controlled style allows him to throw tenacious checks and disrupt offenses.

Griffin Ziccardi - 2025 Minnesota Loons

Ziccardi is a thorn in the side of the opposing team - he will pick up players in the middle of the field and use his quick stick and soft hands to stay in their gloves. He uses his confidence in his stick to be a great asset in the clearing game as well.

Wade Bryan - 2024 Alpha

Bryan looks the part of a DI linebacker, and his tenacious play was apparent in the Saturday showcase. His range, groundball chops, and shutdown defense designate him as a high caliber defenseman who would be a great fit for any defense.




Jacob Goldstein - 2023 Project Missouri

Goldstein demonstrated the ability to win clean, counter, and out hustle his match ups for most of the weekend. He has clearly elevated his game by focusing on his work in the weight room since last summer.

Oran Lautenbach - 2023 Minnesota Loons

Watch out for Lautenbach if he wins the faceoff forward, which happens often. Oran is a lethal threat to score with the ball in his stick following the draw and proved to be a sparkplug for his team by producing quick momentum boosters goals from the faceoff X.

Elvis Syroka - 2024 Resolute Lacrosse

Syroka set himself apart from the competition at the Showcase. After winning the clamp with his swift hands Elvis exhibited clean exits and an impressive ability to control the ball, and more importantly, control the game for his team.

Israel Mikkelson - 2024 Alpha

Mikkelson shows real college traits at the faceoff X - counters and defensive exits make him much more than an out-the-front FOGO. His ability to create and finish in transition makes him a riser on recruiting boards.




Jack Kevin - 2024 Alpha

Jack demonstrated an outstanding ability to track the ball and robbed several shooters on the doorstep.  Kevin makes clean saves that allow him to get the ball out of his stick quickly, but he is also great at managing the clear when the quick outlet is not available.

Freddy Webster - 2025 Resolute Lacrosse

Webster proved he is a leader on the defensive end by utilizing his persistent voice and consistent ball stopping capability. Freddy uses his speedy hands to make clean saves and get the ball going the other way quickly and precisely.


2021 Fall Event

Standout Players


Jay Adkins (Resolute Red)

Playing injured, you’d have expected Adkins to have not stood out at the Summer Invitational. Well, if you did, you’d have been really wrong. Adkins stepped up large and got it done when his team needed a goal, he played D-mid when they needed a strop, and his shooting percentage was sky high too. His possession skills were just as impressive, regularly absorbing contact and still getting a rip under heated pressure, all while rarely turning the ball over.

Chris Anderson (Project Missouri), M

After watching him for a few games, one college coach in attendance commented that Anderson was often the most productive player on the field during the event. It doesn’t take long to see how consistently strong Anderson’s overall game is and how involved he is from minute one to the final whistle. The Project Missouri product plays with some serious sandpaper between the lines and his accurate shooting propelled the team to a quality third place finish at a seriously stacked tourney.

Alec Blessing (Resolute Black), LSM

Blessing’s brainy lacrosse IQ allows him to work effectively between the lines, where he takes the ball away on rides, plus pushes transition to jump start Resolute’s O. His stick skills are superb and were clearly some of the best in the division. The second he crosses the midline with the ball he’s an instant offensive threat. Plus, he’s great off the ground and his ability to communicate effectively down low also makes him a strong defensive player too. He’s as complete a player as there was at the Invitational.

Matt Everson (Loons), D

A high-level defender that Loons coaches can stick anywhere on the defensive half and Everson simply adjusts and excels. He has a natural sense of playing with the speed and D skills required as a LSM, but also the quickness and strength of a close defender. Plus, Everson has a fast and active stick that forced a bunch of turnovers, often leading to him utilizing his speed blasting downfield on the clear.

Micah Hanson (Alpha Premier), FO

Winning a whopping 83% of his draws during the Invitational, plus finishing the week with 4 goals, Hanson showcased the same high-speed motor and impressive consistency that helped him win the Faceoff Academy National Showcase in April. A cunning chess player at the X, the Alpha product is aggressive, next-step-ahead smart, and is incredibly fast fighting for FO Ws. His skillset rivaled teammate and DI commit Adam Slager (Marquette ’26).

Jeremy Hollow (Yeti), G

Really strong ball stopping ability, Hollow consistency made clean saves on several extremely difficult shots. He controls the ball really well too, both blocking the initial shot to limit loose ball chances and outletting to teammates to clear his end. Bryce Moad (L4 Lacrosse), GHis 75% stat-line was strong, but Moad’s sizzle reel from the PMW Summer Invitational and beyond is filled with ridiculous reflex stops, clutch split-second efforts, and obvious confidence coming off his line with the ball in his twig. Currently uncommitted, outside of one, other collegiate coaches will have a serious case of FOMO pretty soon.  

Mike Parsio (Resolute Black), M

When Parsio is positioned between the lines and has the ball firmly stuck in his stick, forget about it… the kid is lethal. He had some game-shifting, clutch finishes for Resolute Black as they clawed their way to a division title. Parsio’s ability to break down defenders on the wings and draw slides created a ton of off-ball offensive looks for his teammates too.

Michael Piotrowski (Team Illinois), G

An effective communicator while quarterbacking the Team Illinois defense, Piotrowski analyzes & anticipates the play really well, silencing the opposition’s attack with several great reads in passing lanes. He’s a big-bodied lefty cage filler who is extremely active outside of his crease, willing to charge out and challenge shooters before they hit his doorstep. His quick hands & reflexes allow him to come up with tough, in-tight saves.

Kaiden Roche (Resolute Black), G

The squad’s solo shot stopper, Kaiden was not only uber confident and super clutch in this leading role, his play helped Resolute Black to a tournament championship too. He’s the type of goalie whose sharp saves and mature command in goal allow the rest of the team to play with an added edge knowing their keeper can carry the load. He made the shots he needed to stop, and the ones that looked like gimmies for the opposition.

Cooper St. Clair & Alex Acker (Omnia), G

It was too difficult to pick between Omnia’s talented tendy tandem, so we gotta get them both in here. Cooper was clutch on Day 2 by only allowing a few get past him versus a very good Resolute and Loons squad. Acker, now a ’23 at Brewster, also impressed, and is on a lot of radars after this year’s PWM for sure.  

Joe Thiel (Second City), M

A super-strong athletic dodger who loves to let it rip whenever he finds a sliver of space, Thiel generates a lot of slides and offensive opportunity for his Second City teammates.

John Tomsheck (Omnia), A

A crafty competitor who was difficult to keep contained, Tomsheck regularly darted by his defender, and was equally as strong at creating offensive opportunities for his Omnia teammates as he was putting the ball in the back of the net. A high-level player during the entire event, Tomsheck was arguably the team’s top player.

Bennet Trout (Resolute Red)

Another talented Trout (there’s Landon & Keaton too, all three strong in field AND box), Bennet had a strong showing in Westfield. He had great off-ball presence and was most definitely one of the reasons why David Chintala impressively finished the Invitational with multiple hat tricks. Every game Trout tallied multiple goals and assists while being a visionary on Resolute’s backside of their offense.


Cayden Christopher (Resolute Black)

Coming into the PMW Invitational, Christopher was putting together a really nice summer season, and used his two days in Westfield to further cement his up-trending game. An elite athlete with a really quick first step, his explosiveness allows him to get to the middle of the field far better than most. An impressive passer and developing playmaker to keep your eye on for sure.

Tremel Duncan (Resolute Red)

He played super physical, athletic, aggressive on-ball defense, and caused a ton of turnovers over the two days in Westfield. Duncan was one of the division’s top defensive standouts, grabbing a bunch of gritty ground balls and clearing his own end really effectively too.

Jacob Goldstein (Project Missouri), FO

Goldstein was a machine off the ground in Indianapolis. With lightning quick hands and a seemingly endless motor, Goldstein was clearly the heart & soul of this Project Missouri squad. When his go-to moves didn’t go his way, he was deft in the counter game and flat out wore his opponents down through hustle, hunger, and sheer determination. Goldstein’s game has some serious bite too.

AJ Ellis (Second City), G

Ellis is an electric shot stopper but is greatest strengths might be his ability to clear effectively and his crystal-clear communication with teammates, two vital pieces for any up-tempo team looking to ignite a quick attack. Good decision making and very confident and composed in his clearing.

Nick Harris (Resolute Red), G

If there was a highlight pack of the event’s top stops, Harris would likely own close half of the reel. He made some preposterous point-blank saves and skillfully snagged seemingly everything from outside. The Mason HS shot stopper also displayed great vision in his crisp clearing and started multiple transition opportunities for the Resolute Reds.

Oran Lautenbach (Loons), M/A/FO

Lautenbach is a face-off tactician but that ain’t it. Not even close. A 6’2” uber athlete that has a rifle of a release, Lautenbach can dominate at the dot, sprint the stretch of the field, and finish like nobody’s business. It was hard not to notice the high-end impact Lautenbach had on the Loons’ game during the entire tournament.

Mitch Maibuecher (Team Illinois), LSM

He’s a long-stick middie but Maibuecher very much handles the ball like an everyday attackman. He is super active in passing lanes, exceptionally clean on the ground, and an above average passer. Maybe most impressive was his clearing ability, where his strength & possession skills allow him to routinely rip through checks. Defensively he’s very physical, positionally responsible, and showcased his recovery run ability too.

Evan Mason (L4 Lacrosse), A

He’s pretty potent no matter which way he’s holding his stick, Mason had 8 goals and 11 assists during the PMW Invitational. He reads the oncoming play well, allowing himself to find space for a feed, but he’ll also bait defenders well too in order to create space and scoring opportunities.

Robert McMichael (Omnia), D

A real standout across the board in the division. McMichael handcuffed the oppositions’ offense regularly with strong positional presence but also with jarring turnovers too. The kid was no slouch in the transition game either. His skilled stick, confident stride on the press, and above average vision created fits for the opposing teams.  

Andrew Powell (L4 Lacrosse), D

A do-it-all defenseman that showed he can play close but long-stick middie too – both roles really well in fact. Powell’s defensive stats were some of the best of all 2023s over the two days: 10 caused turnovers and 15 ground balls (slipped in an assist too). A multidimensional defender with A LOT of upside.

Luke Ray (Resolute Black)

A much deserved MVP in the 2023 division, Ray ruled the field for Resolute no matter where he ended up. He was tenacious on ground balls, his fire first-step sparked the team’s offense regularly, and his vision, anticipation, and well-timed passing allowed him to put the Resolute offense into positive scoring opportunities. Ray was straight up dynamite over the two days.

Marek Tzgournis (Resolute Black)

Hands down, one of the top attackmen in the state of Ohio. The definition of an all-around playmaker, Tzgournis is as talented as they come, showcasing an impressive arsenal of weapons as he quarterbacked the Resolute offense. His vision and on-field IQ were some of the most impressive during the event, but he also caused a ton of turnovers in the ride and showed zero fear fighting in the scrums to scoop ground balls. Smarts, skill, and hustle: can’t ask for much more than that!

Will Vanlear (Omnia), M

Vanlear’s strong playmaking ability was probably the most obvious of his many tools showcased during the Invitational. From the wings to defense to dodging, Vanlear can create from just about any spot on the field and in any situation. His frame allows him to power through defenders, and when his hands are free, he’s got a hammer to put the nail in. A very promising future ahead for this Brother Rice midfielder.

Trent Zimay (Yeti), A

The second-leading scorer for Yeti in the division, Zimay’s attacking ability helped lead the team to a 4-1 record at the Project Midwest Summer Invitational. In addition to a strong overall offensive game and gritty approach, coaches tell us he has a great team-first attitude, relentless work ethic (which was evident on the field too), and is a very coachable player.


Jack Bichelmeyer (Project Missouri), M

The Missouri middie seemed to get his hand free whenever he wanted. Between his size, obvious athleticism, and strong downhill dodging ability, it’s quite clear that Bichelmeyer is developing into a player who will have all of the pieces to a be top-level recruit when the time comes. Remember the name. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Tyler Coryea (Resolute Black) G

One of the more impressive single-game performances anywhere during the PMW was Coryea’s second-half shutout against L4 in the division’s championship game. The Resolute Black backstop used the event to showcase his leadership, clutch shot stopping, and always meaningful outlet passing.

Alec Gniatczyk (Omnia), M

A strong, physical, and forceful finisher and playmaker, Gniatczyk was a standout in Omnia’s midfield. He was a handful to match up against, and once Gniatczyk put his shoulder down and decided he was going to the cage, you knew you’d be in for a battle. He’s an impact middie with power-forward pop.  

Ryan Halperin (Second City), A

Halperin’s inventiveness and movement off-ball is impressive and likely leads into why he’s such a strong finisher too: creates space, shoots, often scores. Also created a ton of chances for himself in transition, highlighting his vision and creativity on the press too.

Bryce Heitmann (L4 Lacrosse), M

Whether L4 had the ball or were fighting to get it back, Heitmann excelled both offensively and defensively for the group. His 12 goals really stood out but even more so when stacked up against his equally impressive 14 ground balls. Dependable, dynamic, and often dangerous, Heitmann had a very strong showing at the Summer Invitational.

Charlie King (Alpha Premier), A

The dangerously deceptive slick-shooting righty from Wisconsin led the Alpha 2024 Premier Team in points, highlighted with an array of splits, hesitations, and hitches to creatively sidestep defenders, clear his hands, and find the net consistently.

Jack Kevin (Team Illinois), G

Kevin was extremely active coming out of his crease, but equally poised & patient playing between the pipes for Team Illinois. As impressive as he was snagging the opposition’s passes, Kevin’s own passing was crisp, clean, and accurate when clearing the ball out of his zone. Provides Team Illinois with a lot of supplemental skills and really reads the field well when communicating with his crew too.

Ryder John (L4 Lacrosse), D

L4’s defensive leader, John was definitely a defender to watch over the two days, and his 11 caused turnovers and 16 ground balls backed that up. His defensive IQ was top notch but his work ethic and zero-quit effort are also why he was one of the standout defensive players in this division. Not surprisingly, John is a stud in box too.

Ian Ludewig (Resolute Black), A/M

A dangerous dodger, Ludewig was often the team’s offensive sparkplug while leading Resolute to the PMW tournament title. An electric first step no matter the situation or amount of space he had, Ludewig regularly got to the cage shooting both lefty and righty, usually dropping 2-3G a game while pacing Reso’s offensive cast. For the fans, a really fun players to watch too.

Colin McDougall (Yeti), G

A super-athletic goalie who isn’t afraid to leave the comfy confines of his crease in order to make plays all over the field, in addition of course to providing Yeti with solid shot stopping too. Big impact player for this team.

Cooper Simpson (Resolute Black), D

Big, big, big defensive leader for Reso Black. Simpson anchored the team’s D unit, almost always matched up with the opposition’s most talented offensive player. He had a cutting over-the-head-check that forced a bunch of timely turnovers and allowed Resolute to flip the switch from D to O with relative ease. Simpson also spent some time at SSDM and looked sharp there too.

Tyler Stegbauer (Resolute Red), D

Really impressive defensive skills from Stegbauer all tourney. Superb on-ball defense, an extremely difficult player to beat. Plus, the kid can push transition after battling hard in his own end and dishes to teammates effectively too, sparking a strong O press for Resolute. Stegbauer has a really impressive top-to-bottom skillset that will undoubtably continue to blossom.  


Logan Chavez (Alpha Premier), LSM

There didn’t seem to be a piece of turf Chavez’s cleat didn’t touch during the Invitational. Alpha’s stud LSM was all over the field, winning draws with his D pole, sparking transition, and executing fast breaks. He’s a shut-down defender that is not only aggressive, agitating, and relentless, but he has smooth hands and smarts too. Chavez’s pit-bull presence all over the field makes him a very, very difficult player to line up against.


2021 Summer Invitational

Standout Players