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FAQ Center

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Welcome to the PROJECT MIDWEST FAQ Center. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our families and compiled them all into one place. Chances are you have the same questions that are on someone else’s mind. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, don’t hesitate to contact us.


- What is Project Midwest?      

- What is the mission of Project Midwest?      

- How can I be evaluated for Project Midwest?      

- Can I play for a Project Midwest Team if my son does not play for a member club?      

- Can my team play in a Project Midwest tournament if we are not an affiliate member club?      

- My son is a youth player, what is the Circuit?      

- What events do the High School players attend?      

- What events does PMW Host?      

- Refund Policy

What is Project Midwest?

Project Midwest Lacrosse is a group of the top clubs in the Midwest made up of the following programs: Resolute (OH), Project Missouri (MO), Team Illinois (IL), Alpha Lacrosse (WI), Omnia (MI), Minnesota Loons (MN), No Excuses (TN) and LKS (KY). The goal of this partnership is to bring together elite, like-minded clubs in the Midwest to provide athletes unique opportunities, host events & collaborate on travel teams. Project Midwest began in 2017 as a pathway for the best lacrosse players in the Midwest to come together and compete in premier national tournaments. In just five years, Project Midwest has become one of the most premier and most recruited clubs in the United States. With players going on to compete in top conferences in collegiate lacrosse, the USA U19 National Team, and the Under Armour Senior All-American game. The program’s reputation of helping young men from the Midwest achieve their dreams is proven. Through this robust alliance, Project Midwest is uniquely positioned to use its collective resources to optimize player and family experiences.  

What is the Mission of PMW?

With a focus on coaching development, connectivity, fellowship, and elite experiences. The goal of Project Midwest Lacrosse is to preserve the beauty of community development while honoring each individual player's desire to advance their overall competitiveness and opportunity.

How can I be evaluated for PMW?

PMW is our elite Midwest team dedicated to the recruitment of its members to play at the collegiate level. Attend tryouts or be seen at one of our Showcases or Events at the beginning of each season. If you’re serious about playing at the next level, please reach out to us directly.

Can I play for a Project Midwest Team if my son does not play for a member club?


Can my team play in a PMW tournament if we are not an affiliate member club?


My son is a youth player, what is the Circuit?

Project Midwest offers National Team opportunities to member's players using two unique platforms. PMW is excited to be a member of The Circuit, powered by Nike, to offer players between 5th and 8th grades the chance to compete in the most exclusive and competitive environment. The PMW Youth National Teams will participate in 2 events throughout the year with the hopes of being one of the top 4 teams in the country where they will attend the Circuit Final Four, to see which group is crowned as the best team in the country!

What events do High School players attend?

Our rising 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders will participate with Team Project Midwest at the Naptown Challenge, to compete against the other top clubs from around the country.

What events does PMW Host?

PMW hosts a fall and Summer Invitational that is open to any non-member clubs that would like to participate. These events serve as two of the largest recruiting opportunities in the Midwest. Additional offerings to all players in the Midwest include both a fall and Summer Recruiting Showcase for all high school athletes. There will also be a Youth Showcase for all 5th - 8th graders prior to the Summer Invitational, which will serve as the tryout for The Circuit.

Refund Policy  

When a player registers for Project Midwest; the guardian is responsible for all fees associated with accepting that position. All fees are expected in a timely manner as outlined at the time of registration. All fees are considered non-refundable. However, we do realize that at times there are extenuating circumstances, such as injury, that might prohibit the player from participating in PMW after securing their spot with the TEAM. If this is the case, the PMW administration will review each situation on a case-by-case basis and determine if an exception can be made to refund a portion of the registration fee. If a refund request is not injury related, PMW administration will credit your account for future sessions if such a cancellation is deemed necessary. This will only be the case in exceptional situations and is not a guarantee of reimbursement.